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Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, LightReading, 4/22/2014   Comment now   4 comments
I live in the upper Midwestern US, where we still regard silos that dot the rural landscape as friendly vestiges of the family farm. But just as family farms have been overshadowed by more efficient corporate farming, leaving many silos to rust and rot alongside unused barns, the silos of the telecom world aren't aging well.
Ray Le Maistre
Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-chief, LightReading, 4/18/2014   Comment now   2 comments
The development of new OSS tools for deployments of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) capabilities needs to encompass the physical network as well as service management, something that's not happening currently, warns a new report from Heavy Reading.
Paul Korzeniowski
Paul Korzeniowski, Contributing Editor, 4/16/2014   Comment now   9 comments
Service provider datacenter equipment is getting smaller and denser. Rather than traditional configuration issues, malfunctioning power systems are emerging as a major cause of network and system downtime. In addition, energy now costs as much as networking hardware itself over the life of the device. So, service providers are looking for better ...
Sarah Reedy
Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, LightReading, 4/15/2014   Comment now   18 comments
The trend towards moving operations to the cloud in the cellular world is starting to catch on with WiFi networks as well, offering new opportunities for network operators looking to offer managed services.
Dan O'Shea
Dan O'Shea, Managing Editor, LightReading, 4/11/2014   Comment now   11 comments
The recent discovery of the Heartbleed security vulnerability in OpenSSL has prompted many web companies to jump out with immediate analysis of how their sites might be affected, along with potential fixes.
Sarah Reedy
Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, LightReading, 4/9/2014   Comment now   4 comments
In the wireless world, there always seems to be at least 12 vendors pitching different solutions for whatever type of functionality an operator is looking to implement. That's why it's interesting when you come across an operator that says it had to -- or chose to -- pave its own way with a new offering.
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Paul Korzeniowski, Contributing Editor, 4/16/2014
Iíll Never See Silos the Same
Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, LightReading, 4/22/2014
Report: Silo Concerns Over OSS for SDN & NFV
Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-chief, LightReading, 4/18/2014
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